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Online Payments

You can now accept Vinti4, Visa, Mastercard and paypal on your business (online).

Business Aplications

With our business apps you can enrich your company with customer portals, online business operations and worldwide ecommerce

Built on Data

Go beyond storing and analysing information, and start detecting patterns, risks and oportunities for growth with our data analysis & report portal

Enterstarts is a platform for entrepreneurs and small companies to craft online products and make their services available to the internet market expanding and creating their source of income/revenue.



NegóciosCV is platform for enterpreneurs and small businesses growth and expansion


Lamp Hope connects communities with tourists or donors willing to help those communities achieve their purposes.


CVEmpreender thrives to empower cape verdean startups & entrepreneurs to build strong touristic products.

Build for disruptive innovation and promising markets

Start Building


Our payment integration, notification and billing systems allows ecommerce enterpreneurs to provide safe, confortable and feature rich online marketplaces.


Service Providers

Our platform connects enterpreneurs, service providers, suppliers into a network of business oportunities, or a collaborative ecosystem for project development.


E-learning & Education

Education is the cornerstone of healthy and developed societies. MaryLearns allows educational enterpreneurs to reach users en masse with engaging content and disruptive learning experiences.

Explore MaryLearns


Fintech are disruptive startups that bring ground breaking technology to the financial industry to increase productivity, reduce risk, enhance security and provide an unstoppable infraestructure.


AI & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are disruptives trends that will shake the world of data processing, predictions, forecasting and the way we see the future.


Gamming & Entertainment

With over 2.5B gamers, the global gamming market is valued in $152.1B USD in 2019 [1]. Gaming is a market that offers many oportunities for creative and ambitious enterpreneurs.

[1] https://newzoo.com

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